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Eco + Ethical Values

Made from environmentally safe materials or fabrics with lower environmental impact than convential materials. To meet this value products must be made from renewable resources such as cork, tree rubber, organic textiles (cotton, hemp), water based natural dyes, or from other natural, climate neutral or recycled materials.

Using sustainable fibres or renewable materials to produce yoga mats + accessories is not only important for our environment, it also protects farmers, manufacturers + communities from widespread devastation such as damage to the water table, crop lands + health wellbeing



We've asked our brands + suppliers to join us in our mission, by requesting all goods, where possible, to contain zero plastic. The brands in this value are use zero plastic to package their products. Instead they've used alternative low environmentally impact materials for packaging, such as recycable cardboard, paper or biodegradable wrapping and labelling. 

As part of our mission to replace as many single-use plastic items as possible with sustainable alternatives, we've teamed up with our mates Better Packaging Co. to provide you with biodegradable, renewable, nontoxic + durable packaging.Your order will arrive wrapped in either recyclable tissue paper, cardboard carton, or biodegradable comPOST satchel.


Made from environmentally sustainable practices + manufacturing processes that does not harm the planet or workers. To meet this value products must be manufactured using sustainable energy, or is certified free of harmful chemicals. This can also include fair trade practices or safe working environments, to ensure they meet high standards of ethical work place practices. 

To meet the requirements of this value, a brand must be accredited with a globally recognised, independent certifier. Such as Mukti's SGS certified yoga mats made from non-Amazon harvested tree rubber. Mukti support the Himalayan Tailoring Centre in India who employ and train many refugees. 



Made by hand, by people using traditional skills passed on throughout generations or by highly trained people with teachnical sewing methods. This value supports communities and local sewers, often women who have shared their skills from generation to generation. This includes women in India who use intricate hand embroidery work to make our Nagnata yoga mat bags, as well as local mums from Sydney, Orange, Melbourne and Tamborine sewing hand dyed linen eye pillows and cotton yoga bolsters.

For a product to meet the requirements of our handcrafted value, a minimum of 50% of it's makeup must be from traditional handmade methods. 



To meet this value products must involve communities locally in Australia or overseas, including low economically developing countries. Either through employment, manufacturing practices or donations, each product sold contributes towards community benefit + support. 


This can include donating a percentage of each sale or profits to charities, collaborating with women's groups, shelters or indigenous communities to support employment + social wellbeing. Check out Seljak blankets; for every 10 blankets sold, a blanket is donated to the Melbourne Asylum Seeker Centre.

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