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  • Blue Triangles | Wheat Heat Pack
  • Blue Triangles | Wheat Heat Pack


Blue Triangles | Wheat Heat Pack

$32.00 AUD


Organic Cotton + Lavendar Heat Packs are handmade in Australia from locally sourced materials. 

Each pack is made from 100% durable cotton and filled with Australian organic lavendar and wheat, making it easy to mould to your body.

    Size & Fabric: 

      • 35cm x 14cm x 3cm
      • 100% Organic Wheat filling with lavendar buds
      • 100% Organic Cotton covers 

      Care & Use: 

      • Spot clean only
      • To use as a heat pack:- heat in the microwave for 1 minute initially, shake then heat in further 20 second increments. Only heat in the microwave and do not overheat.
      • To use as a cool pack:- store in freezer in a plastic bag until required.
      • It is advised not to put under the bedding or other covers.
      • Not recommended for use by children as a heat pack.

      Eco Rating:

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