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Seljak wool blanketSeljak wool blanket


For every 10 blankets sold, Seljak donates 1 blanket to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne; an organisation that helps asylum seekers feel welcome, supported + safe in Australia.

Seljak recycles merino wool offcuts from the factory floor of Australia's oldest mill in Tasmania, to make beautiful + unique blankets. The upcycled blankets are made in the same mill where the offcuts are sourced. 

Seljak is a 'closed-loop' business, whereby blankets are repurposed + re-manufacture at the end of their life. So one you're finished with your blanket, you can return it free of charge + it will be re-manufactured; where your blanket will go back into the ragger with the other offcuts to be spun into new yarn + made new again. Seljak is a leading example of adopting a 'closed loop' practice; where the same resources are cycled through the same process to make a new product. Minimising waste or no waste at all.

So far Seljak has achieved:

- Diverting 2,000kg of textiles waste from ending up in landfill.

- Donated 114 blankets to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

- Crowdfunded $32,000 to help fund the research + development of upcycling industry textile waste. 


Grey Fringe | Recycled Wool Australian Made Blankets

$299.00 AUD


Orange Whipstitch | Recycled Wool Australian Made Blankets

$299.00 AUD

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