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  • Coconut + Natural Rubber Yoga Mat
  • Coconut + Natural Rubber Yoga Mat
  • Coconut + Natural Rubber Yoga Mat
  • Coconut + Natural Rubber Yoga Mat


Coconut + Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

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The LIVE WHOLE YOGA coconut yoga mat is made from 100% natural tree rubber and reinforced with coconut coir fibre, making this yoga mat one of the most durable and grippy yoga mat on the market! And will last a lifetime!

LIVE WHOLE YOGA coconut yoga mats are recyclable, biodegradable, fair-trade, and sustainable.
These yoga mats are ethically manufactured in Sri Lanka where all materials are ecologically farmed, harvested and processed sustainably.

Every mat sold, supports LIVE WHOLE YOGA's mission to buy back real acres of land for conservation along with the Rainforest Trust conservation society.

Size & Fabric: 

  • Length = 183cm
  • Width = 63.5cm
  • Thickness = 4mm
  • Weight = 2.5kg
  • 100% Natural Tree Rubber (non-Amazon harvested)
  • Coconut coir fibres
  • (carry strap not included)

Mat Care:

Lightly spray your mat with natural yoga mat spray after each practice to maintain freshness. Always dry your mats in the shade. 

Patience Please:

Much like a new pair of shoes, there is a break-in period for most yoga mats. So please don't be concerned if you find you're slipping a little during your first few practices on your new yoga mat. Want to speed up the break-in period, please see How do I “break in” my new Yoga Mat?

Also please keep in mind that LiveWhole Yoga Mats are made from 100% all natural tree rubber and coconut, which means they may arrive with a slight "earthy" rubber smell which should fade over time. This is because they do not add any chemical additives during the manufacturing of these yoga mats.

Eco Rating:

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