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What is 'Sound Therapy'?

Posted on 04 May 2018

sound therapy is used in many cultures throughout the world for centuries, because of it's profound healing properties


Binaural beats are like optical illusions for the ears. Two separate auditory tones with equal amplitude and slightly differing frequencies. So when listening to binaural beats (from Latin “with both ears”), it often feels like your left ear is hearing a slightly different tone from your right ear, therefore you perceive a beat not present in the music you listen to.


Researchers are continually studying the physiological effects of binaural beats on humans. Binaural beats can have a profound effect on reducing cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and even physical pain, to improving sleep, enhancing memory, and promoting overall happiness and relaxation.


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Dr. Vincent Giampapa (American Board of Anti-Ageing Medicine) recorded the hormone levels in 19 participants, while they underwent binaural beats sound therapy.


 Research found...

DHEA: Higher levels of the hormone DHEA can improve how a person ages and resists disease. 68% of participants had increased levels of DHEA while undergoing sound therapy.
    Cortisol: High cortisol levels can have a negative impact on the body, leading to a range of health implications such as insomnia, lower libido, anxiety, and depression. A 70-80% decrease in cortisol levels in majority of participants.
      Melatonin: Melatonin is responsible for promoting a restful sleep. The study showed binaural beats sound therapy had the most significant impact on participant's production of melatonin. Average melatonin production increased by 98% in participants. Some participants had melatonin production increase by up to 300%!



          Enjoy the free binaural beats meditation music below! 

          Highly recommended for listening before or after work, during studying, yoga or meditating.


          Read more on the study of binaural beats used during sound therapy: 


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